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Hurrah For The Blackshirts

An interesting article in The Daily Mail today

"Cristian Montano, 22, allegedly met woman in nightclub in Romford, Essex"

"Cristian Montano, an Oldham Athletic midfielder, allegedly took the woman to a flat in Romford, Essex and attacked her while she was passed out."

I attempted to correct the obvious error :

Romford has been part of the London Borough Of Havering for nearly 50 years. This factual error seems to come up in your newspaper on a weekly basis but it won't change the geography,


Not unsurprisingly I got this response :

Dear Mr Burns


Thank you for your email.


It is always good to receive feedback from readers about our content.  The contents of your email have been noted and I have passed your thoughts to the reporter. He has come back to say that you are correct that, administratively, Romford is part of the London Borough of Havering. However, the town was traditionally in Essex for centuries, and colloquially it is often referred to as being part of the county. He don’t consider it a factual error to say that Romford is in Essex.


I appreciate you taking the time to get in touch.


Yours sincerely


Editorial Mailonline

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  1. It’s no good banging on about the London Borough of Havering, or London Ambulance or London Fire Brigade, or the 100s of other things that logically indicate that Romford is in London & not in Essex. The ‘Lets say Romford is in Essex cartel’ generally come out with the same twoddle: ‘Romford’s postally in Essex’. The fact that Royal Mail says a postal address is not an accurate geographic locater is ignored by these people. But Romford is NOT postally in Essex. It’s in the London Postal Region, & the only thing anyone needs to write after Romford on an address is the postcode. Since those that say Romford is in Essex often use the postal nonsense as proof, it’s time to use their own reasoning against them. From now on, never write Essex on a Romford address ever again. There’s no need to, but if you wanna go that extra mile, always write London after Romford on an address. Don’t worry, it’ll still get there, it’s the postcode that Royal Mail are interested in.

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