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15Apr/110 have yet to acknowledge they rip-off YouTube users’ videos

You may have seen Wednesday evening's blog about JessieJOnline Inc of web, YouTube, Twitter and whatever else downloading two videos I posted to YouTube at far lower quality than my original then re-uploading them with absolutely no credit to me whatsoever to their own YouTube account.

At 5.36am the following morning I received a comment on my blog purportedly coming from saying

Sorry about this. We took random videos of Jessie J and decided to upload them on our Youtube in order to ‘regroup’ a bunch of Jessie J videos under one huge account. If you want, we can credit you. We are not claming those videos to be ours in any way! I hope everything’s okay.

At 7.43am the same day I decided to be big-hearted and responded

Hi Info, as you could see by the tone of my blog I ultimately tried to make humour from this. I can hardly accuse you of breaching copyright when I have been filming words and music also in copyright. Also, like Michael Corleone the murderous Godfather, I'm a reasonable man!

How about you update your two videos with maybe a link in the description to my "higher quality originals" and if I send mine as a video response you could approve that. Fans win, I get some credit and we are warm and fuzzy.

I will link to your website in my video description as it really is rather good and I'm very much in favour of the modern equivalent of the punk era Sniffing Glue and other free sheets by fans for fans.

I will also update my blog to say we are sorted if you are happy to do this?

So the big question, did Jessie J ever live in the real Essex or just pre-1965 boundary!

Good luck with your website,

As a gesture of goodwill I updated the description on both videos the same morning with

For possibly the finest Jessie J resource on the web see

this took me approximately 30 seconds in total.

Meanwhile have proceeded to add several new stories to their website while, excuse my French, doing absolutely fuck all to credit me in any way whatsoever or to acknowledge that they rip videos off other YouTube users and pass the material blatantly as their own. This is obviously not a matter of concern for them, I will make it so, I will no longer be a reasonable man where are concerned.

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