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Obama And Cameron Decide The Big Issues

Sometimes, despite hours of negotiation between diplomats, senior ministers and world leaders geopolitical decisions remain unresolved. Yesterday, stood on a chair half way up the stairs between the second and third floor of my office, I was privileged to witness some behind the scenes negotiation between US President Barack Obama and UK Prime Minister David Cameron. What they were negotiating will remain a mystery, Turkish entry into the EU, sovereignty of The Falkland Islands, the next Chelsea manager? Their methods, however, were clear to see.

Round One

From Obama - Jeff-s Pictures

Unfortunately Dave played his paper hand too early here and Barack immediately replied with scissors, round one to the US President.

Round Two

From Obama - Jeff-s Pictures

Dave thought he would play a sly one and offer paper again, Barack banked on Dave changing his tactics, round two no change.

Round Three

From Obama - Jeff-s Pictures

This time Dave plays a blinder offering his rock to Barack's scissors, all square after round three, first to pass two points will win this particular argument.

Round Four

From Obama - Jeff-s Pictures

At last, a decision is made. Barack's paper beats Dave's rock, the will of the US President prevails, Dave heads back inside, inconsolable while a triumphant Obama leaves hoping to employ his skills further at the upcoming G8 conference.

From Obama - Jeff-s Pictures

Thanks to my anonymous colleague for this set of pictures, you can find some of mine below :

Barack Obama Visit To London 2011

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  1. Awesome Ali – Brilliant!

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