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The Curious Case Of Lugsmoor Lane

Any Devon farmer with an intimate knowledge of obscure country tracks could pinpoint Britain's only Lugsmoor Lane for you.

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Ask a London cabbie to go to Lugsmoor Lane and he wouldn't know where to go. Ask Google and you would end up here.

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Surely Google must be right then? Let's go down to street level and take a closer look.

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That's odd, Google Maps are still showing this as Lugsmoor Lane yet there is a whacking great road sign for Cleveland Row. Let's look further.

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It's the Royal policemen guarding St James's Palace, Clarence House and Lancaster House stood by a road sign for Cleveland Row, but no, Google have this down as Lugsmoor Lane still. Google get their data for this area from Tele Atlas. I reported the error to Tele Atlas several times and in February 2011 they finally acknowledged the error and corrected it. This was an error I reported in January 2009, fixed just 25 months later! Since then Google have had 2 3D imagery updates related to The Royal Wedding and have even produced 3D images of all the buildings in Cleveland Row, but sadly still show it as Lugsmoor Lane. Maybe they will update their data with the latest, corrected data from Tele Atlas, maybe, some time.

So, I hear you say, this is just one wrong road and it doesn't really affect anybody, everybody with any interest knows it's Cleveland Row and not Lugsmoor Lane surely?

The Royal Parks have a nice litle PDF map of Green Park. I can just imagine the conversation with their graphics people :

"Hey Jonno, it's Lee, we need a map of Green Park for our website, how soon can you knock one up?"

"Strewth Lee, I was kinda planning on seeing The Red Hot Chilli Peppers on Clapham Common with Shona and Bruce at the weekend, it would take me ages to walk around there and map it all out!"

"No worries Jonno, just copy it off Google Maps and she'll be right."

"Bonzer idea Lee, end of next week do you?"

Of course whoever it really was also incorrectly spelled Stornoway House, nobody checked the map and it went straight onto their website as is. I have brought this to their attention, along with the board at the top of the park by the tube station which also has this incorrect map. I expect there are more errors but they probably read the email,check on Google Maps, call me an idiot and delete the email.

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Then there is The Royal Academy, their guide to Walking Palladian London has Cleveland Row shown correctly on the map but sadly the authoritative guide contains this little gem :

Continue along Lugsmoor Lane until you
reach Little St James’s Street. Turn right and then
left back on to Lugsmoor Lane, and then with St
James’s Palace on your right continue until you
reach Pall Mall and take Marlborough Road on the

The Britholidaytips Travel Portal has an apparenly authoritative article about St James's Palace but then completely gives the game away with this one :

St.James's Palace fronts Pall Mall, St James's Street and Lugsmoor Lane. From The Mall, take Marlborough Road to Pall Mall. Marlborough Road passes along the eastern side of St.James's Palace.

Maybe one day Google will update their Tele Atlas data but in the meantime St James is full of confused Londoners, tourists, art enthusiasts and maybe even cabbies doing the knowledge in search of Lugsmoor Lane.


UPDATE 9th December 2011 - Google have finally updated their maps, rather spoils this blog post!