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15Apr/110 have yet to acknowledge they rip-off YouTube users’ videos

You may have seen Wednesday evening's blog about JessieJOnline Inc of web, YouTube, Twitter and whatever else downloading two videos I posted to YouTube at far lower quality than my original then re-uploading them with absolutely no credit to me whatsoever to their own YouTube account.

At 5.36am the following morning I received a comment on my blog purportedly coming from saying

Sorry about this. We took random videos of Jessie J and decided to upload them on our Youtube in order to ‘regroup’ a bunch of Jessie J videos under one huge account. If you want, we can credit you. We are not claming those videos to be ours in any way! I hope everything’s okay.

At 7.43am the same day I decided to be big-hearted and responded

Hi Info, as you could see by the tone of my blog I ultimately tried to make humour from this. I can hardly accuse you of breaching copyright when I have been filming words and music also in copyright. Also, like Michael Corleone the murderous Godfather, I'm a reasonable man!

How about you update your two videos with maybe a link in the description to my "higher quality originals" and if I send mine as a video response you could approve that. Fans win, I get some credit and we are warm and fuzzy.

I will link to your website in my video description as it really is rather good and I'm very much in favour of the modern equivalent of the punk era Sniffing Glue and other free sheets by fans for fans.

I will also update my blog to say we are sorted if you are happy to do this?

So the big question, did Jessie J ever live in the real Essex or just pre-1965 boundary!

Good luck with your website,

As a gesture of goodwill I updated the description on both videos the same morning with

For possibly the finest Jessie J resource on the web see

this took me approximately 30 seconds in total.

Meanwhile have proceeded to add several new stories to their website while, excuse my French, doing absolutely fuck all to credit me in any way whatsoever or to acknowledge that they rip videos off other YouTube users and pass the material blatantly as their own. This is obviously not a matter of concern for them, I will make it so, I will no longer be a reasonable man where are concerned.


The Sincerest Form Of Flattery

Many people don't believe in coincidence, they say there is a probability behind events coinciding that we fail to consider. After today's "coincidence" I am less inclined to believe they can be explained statistically.

So, you may be asking, what am I banging on about now!? Well, last autumn I got some tickets to go and see the Little Noise Sessions curated by Jo Whiley in aid of Mencap. Being a member of the Paolo Nutini fan club and a subscriber to the Little Noise Sessions Backstage Area I got double priority booking for the event. First up on stage was a tallish, lively young thing called Jessie J. Sadly her talent had previously bypassed my cultural radar, but I was sufficiently impressed by her first song to get my camera out. I filmed her other two songs along with much of the rest of the show. Even an apparently over refreshed Paolo Nutini performed a blinder that evening. As is my way, I uploaded the videos to my YouTube account the following day for the world to appreciate or ignore (remember this, despite the apparent preamble, it is highly relevant later on).

In the days that followed I read much on the web about "Essex girl" Jessie J. Having lived in Essex for the last 30 years I was interested to find out where in the county she came from. There was stuff about her being born in Redbridge, stuff about her going to school in Redbridge, but nothing about her actually living in neighbouring Essex for any significant period in her life. So I set up a Google email alert on "Jessie J Essex" to establish if there was any basis for this assertion. The alert emails came in regularly, every day one or several websites had published an article linking the girl to the county but never to a specific town or village in Essex. I tried the same search on Twitter, more of the same, much more!

As the evidence mounted, I decided to take up the stance, not purely out of sheer bloody-mindedness but also because all the evidence pointed to the fact, that Jessie J is from London. I started to post comments to newspaper articles pointing out the apparent inaccuracy. I would reply to tweets saying similar, often to the bemusement of the poor tweeter wondering how the hell I saw their humble tweet when I wasn't even following them. Try it, it can be fun, even if it comes across as anal in the extreme and beats asking who on Twitter wants coffee as others do when they get bored. I apologise to all those I have traumatised and I am a great admirer of Jessie J who is one of few young British musicians capable of writing, performing and having hits. My excuse is a hatred of sloppy journalism, not checking facts, merely lifting facts from other sources irrespective of their accuracy. Redbridge was, as I knew all along, once in Essex but has been a London borough since 1965. A bloke down the pub once told me Essex extended as far as Reading many years ago (quite probably true) but people don't refer to The Office based in Slough as an Essex comedy. Jessie J may have been born in an Essex hospital of course, but if she was there are no sources I have found....sorry, I'm rambling and won't even mention Cliff Richard being born in India.

In an idle moment last night I launched another barrage of pedantic corrections to Twitter and one particular tweeter indulged me in a very charming dialogue. I decided I would send what I thought was him but now realise is her a link to my YouTube videos. As security is tight on my company IT systems we can't post from YouTube to Twitter as Twitter is firewalled. Easy I thought, tell her to search on "Jessie J Little Noise Sessions" in YouTube and you will find my videos straight away. I gave it a test run, loads of videos appeared, mine were at the top....hang on, no they are from Jessiejonline but they look just like mine?

Exhibit 1 : This is Jessiejonline's version of Price Tag

Watch this video on YouTube.

and this is mine

Watch this video on YouTube.

I don't remember somebody sitting on my lap with a camera pressing the button to start at the exact same time and pressing the button to stop at the exact same time. I tend to notice these things and my girlfriend, whose laugh you can hear, would tell me if I was oblivious to such an oddity. The only difference I can see is that mine is recorded at 720P whereas Jessiejonline's version is only at 360P, a quarter the resolution, maybe a tiny camera held by a tiny person who I just didn't notice on my lap. I must be getting absent-minded in my decline into seniority. But wait, there's more...

Exhibit 2 : This is Jessiejonline's version of Stand Up

Watch this video on YouTube.

and this is mine

Watch this video on YouTube.

So once again it seems I didn't notice the little person sat on my lap pressing the little camera button at the exact same time to start and again to stop. I really must see a doctor!

But it seems I am not the only one feeling confused. If you check out Jessiejonline's (whoops, that's their Twitter account!) website they are so confused they accidentally linked to my videos by mistake! Now there's a thing, fortunately mine are higher quality so they probably look better. Thanks for the cred..i...t..... o well, they were confused and thought they were linking to their own videos taken by the little person with the little camera sat on my lap who I didn't even notice no doubt.

I'm sure there must be a scientific explanation for this coincidence, maybe some external factor caused us to press the button at the exact same moment on 4 separate occasions. If anybody has an explanation could they let me know in the comments below please?