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The Daily Mail, Jessie J and Essex

From Little Noise Sessions 16/11/2010

The Daily Mail 20th May 2011

The Essex-born singer's patter on stage often tickles the funnybones of her fans


The Daily Mail 18th May 2011

So no doubt the Essex girl will be hoping she can repeat her success when she jetted out to start her U.S. promotional tour today.


The Daily Mail 15th May 2011

British pop sensation Jessie J has brought her unique brand of Essex-bred talent to the first day of this year's Radio 1 Big Weekend.


The Daily Mail 27th April 2011

Meanwhile it remains to be seen if she will perform with the UK's own rising superstar, Jessie J after the Essex-born singer put out a plea for Rihanna to perform Do It Like A Dude with her.


The Daily Mail 27th April 2011 again and twice in the same article

Jessie J continued to bring her unique brand of Essex-bred talent to northern American and Canada, landing in Toronto on the latest leg of her tour.

In what's become par for the course for the Essex-born singer, she strutted her stuff in a one-legged Lycra catsuit for the performance.


The Daily Mail 14th April 2011

But now Essex girl Jessie J is determined to make it Stateside, and continued her mission with an appearance on The Today Show.


I could go on but it would waste the rest of my day, The Daily Mail certainly don't waste their time with checking facts. They don't check facts like the one that she is from Redbridge and Redbridge is in London, not Essex.

Why is the alleged county of her birth relevant? Which county was Susan Boyle born in? Which county was Leona Lewis born in? Which county was Alexandra Burke born in? Don't know? Probably because the press don't trot it out in every single article about them.

Why would this fictional birthplace be so relevant in the case of Jessie J? Because it is Essex? Because all woman from Essex are de facto sluts ever since the jokes started and Cilla Black played it up to the max on Blind Date?

Who is this journalist who never checks facts, never checks the comments on their articles in case somebody has pointed out an inaccuracy? Well it is Daily Mail Reporter, that's not much help, they don't even know their name never mind the birthplace of Jessie J. Oh hold on, it's also Marcus Barnes and Sarah Bull and Sandra Parsons and Adrian Thrills. Unless there is an over-zealous sub-editor, all of these reporters have individually decided that the county of Jessie J's birth is relevant to an article about her...and they do not check their facts or get them from reading their colleagues' articles in The Daily Mail.

Jessie J is not from Essex, goodnight.

Uh oh, Liz Jones is at it now!

But there’s one important thing we do have in common — apart from both having been born in Essex — and that is a good, strong head of black hair.